10:48 am - Friday 18 August 2017

If a true Commander in Chief justice must be made to the injured SL Army Major – Sarath Fonseka

By RSL - Fri Sep 21, 1:05 pm

The leader of the Democratic Party, Sarath Fonseka said that a true and a real Commander in Chief should always make justice to the Si Lanka Army major who was badly injured due to the attack on him by the Cabinet Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka Silva.

He further said however much this incident had been attempted to hide from the general public the it cannot be done so. The general public is aware of the situation and also the fact is that it is being attempted to hide with the courtesy of the political hierarchy of Sri Lanka.

Sarath Fonseka said that the Commander in Chief of the country should have come forward to protect the Sri Lanka Army major. It is the duty of Commander of Chief to protect the major than protecting the person who did the injuries to the Sri Lanka army major. However what had happened was putting this major in a difficult situation by appointing a court of inquiry and in order to protect his job he has forwarded an affidavit. The general public in Sri Lanka are not disabled or mad to believe such stories of affidavits, he further said.

By Rohan Wickremasinghe

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