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A F F comes to the rescue of our own brothers and sisters who are HIV positive

By RSL - Sun Sep 16, 11:11 pm

Anoma Fonseka foundation which is in the fore front in heeling the helpless Sri Lankans who are in need of support is lead by dedicated social worker madam Anoma Fonseka who is engaged in a silent endeavor in this regard.

Madam Anoma Fonseka who is the chairperson of the Anoma Fonseka Foundation, a social support initiative recently made a donation to the Lanka Plus Social Service Organization which is engaged in supporting and providing total care for the HIV positive Sri Lankans .

Under this care giver program initiated by the Anoma Fonseka foundation the affected HIV patients will be provided food twice a week.

During their meeting Dr Caminie Abeyratna, who incorporated the Lanka Plus Social Service Organization to prevent spreading of the AIDs in Sri Lanka along with Lanka Plus Social Service Organization present chairperson Mrs. Priyanthi Perera and Chairperson of Anoma Fonseka Foundation Madam Anoma Fonseka and other representative of the Lanka Plus Social organization discussed in details about the action plan of the Lanka Plus and the welfare measures taken to provide care for HIV positive persons in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly Lanka Plus Chairperson Mrs. Priyanthi Perera said that they have identified about 1544 people infected HIV positive in Sri Lanka and yet she said that there are more than 4200 persons who are still not identified in Sri Lanka.

LankaPlus organization provides welfare measures for such identified HIV positive persons and also support their families and children. She further said that Lanka Plus organisation carry out an educative program on spreading of HIVS among people and on its prevention.

At present there are nearly 2000 members of Lanka Plus in different parts of Sri Lanka and when they travel to Colombo for medication they are being provided with accommodation and meals by the Lanka Plus Organization.

She said that any person can obtain a HIV test from any private or government hospital to find out about the deadly disease. She said that none of the people fall in to this HIV positive category with knowledge of the illness and appealed to the Sri Lankans to treat them as equal citizens with care.

Anoma Fonseka Foundation is a registered social origination in Sri Lanka and more details can be obtained from the following address about its activities.

Anoma Fonseka Foundation
759 A Kotte Road, Sri Jayawardenpura
Telephone: +94 11 3047445 Fax: +94 11 2730201

By Rohan Wickremasinghe

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